Women’s network

for women who want to join up with like-minded women and get more out of their money!

I want to help you to find and create your own vision in order not only to increase your wealth, but also to show you opportunities of how to invest in projects which increase the welfare of others and also protect nature. Become a part of our women’s network, a pool of active and positive women.

Enrich our network with your vitality and your vision!

  • Creation of your vision

    • Creation of your new vision according to the new definition of success: well-being, wisdom, wonder and generosity.
    • Transformation of the burden of inheritance and wealth into the pleasure of meaningful and sustainable investment.
    • Utilizing financial power as a meaningful and fulfilling win-win tool – for you and for the common good.
    • Create your personal legacy and contribute towards making the world a better place.
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    Creation of your vision
  • Women's network

    <strong>Women's network</strong>
    • A network for your personal and business activities and needs in Switzerland and worldwide.
    • Sharing, transferring knowledge, inspiring and learning from one another
    • Event meetings
    • The opportunity to spend time with like-minded women and combine forces to decide on and reach new objectives
    • Guidance and companionship into change and independence
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In addition, benefit from our investment management service and learn how to establish your own company.

How we work

It’s my aim to motivate you to want to take part in new activities, develop new undertakings and to inspire you to set up and develop interesting and sustainable projects together with other women. In the last three decades, women have proven how strong they are and what they can achieve. For women, there are no “natural” barriers in any area at all. They are not only intelligent and competent, but are also communicative, creative and able jointly to turn their ideas into success.