How to turn wealth and inheritance from being burdens into pleasure

Are you one of those women who has gained wealth through inheritance or divorce, but do not really dare to put the money to use? You are not alone. I have met women who felt guilty because they thought they didn’t deserve what they had received. Some of them even felt ashamed that they had been elevated to a new financial level. What they need to do is to get active instead of feeling guilty!

I want to guide you in creating your own vision and in investing your assets profitably into meaningful projects. Discover how to use your financial power as a win-win solution to achieve great things – for you and for the common good.

Create a legacy that contributes to making the world a better place. My aim is to inspire you and invite you to create new opportunities in our women’s network, with like-minded, successful, visionary women.

Changing values: The desire for real change

Many wealthy women are not satisfied by making more money just for money’s sake. They are fed up with co-financing speculations on food, the armaments industry or the exploitation of finite energy sources. That’s where Create a Legacy comes in: we create sustainable and meaningful investment projects for successful women – including charitable and ecological investments, as well as start-ups led by women.

Are you one of these pioneers? We will help guide you on your way to financial success and inner fulfilment.

Things which Fulfil Us and Help Us Go Forward: Wisdom, Wonder, and Generosity

Successful women like Arianna Huffington have pointed the way for us: after having lived a life with a traditional definition of success and a narrow-minded view of statistics and balance sheets, she suffered a severe health-related setback. That’s when she asked herself the question, “What is the point of this?” She realised that we have been defining success through the criteria of “money and power” for far too long. With her new definition of “success,” she showed us that what are really required in order to move forward are well-being, wisdom, wonder and generosity. Follow me into new ways of asset management and experience fulfilment that inspires you financially and emotionally.




Sybille L. Hochdörffer