Mrs Hochdörffer, you used to help men achieve success for years. Nowadays you work exclusively with and for women. Why?

Because men want to invest according to shareholder value and women have other values than men. We are living in a time in which our economic system has overcome human boundaries. I want to follow new paths – paths of fulfilment for the benefit of my female clients – and not just financially but beyond as well.

How can you achieve that?

By creating a legacy derived from a deep desire of mine to awaken a passion for change in women and to support them on this path. Create a Legacy is the answer to the question, “How is it possible to increase my wealth and at the same time invest it meaningfully?” I want to help women who are not merely satisfied by earning more from their money just for the money’s sake but who also want to make “investment” a matter of the heart.

Which kind of woman are you targeting?

The kind of woman who wants to increase her assets and at the same time has a strong inner desire to help bring about real change in terms of welfare and sustainability. She wants to create meaningful projects. The basic packages of other asset managements are not enough for her and she doesn’t want to be bored anymore – she is ready for a challenge. I want to help inspire her to create new plans. A lot of my clients have experienced the illusory world of external values and some have even lived inside this illusion. But they can no longer find satisfaction in it and feel more and more overwhelmed. They feel driven by the deep wish to use their financial options to create a win-win situation.

What can your female clients achieve together with you?

The search for solutions for problems of this world and for a deeper meaning is what occupies their minds. From our natural open-mindedness and curiosity alone, we women have the potential to find answers. That’s where I can offer my exclusive financial services. Women want to work with me because they can identify with my values and because they are pioneers in creating something new.

Among other things, you refer to values of charitable and ecologically sustainable projects?

Precisely. Unethical speculations in foodstuffs, the exploitation of finite energy resources, investing in the production of weapons of war or in genetically engineered food – my clients and I strongly object to these things. But let’s be honest – at this very moment, financial speculation is occurring based on severe droughts, war and the search for crude oil in highly risky procedures; if we carry on this way, we will soon have a new continent in our oceans made of plastic waste.

Is it possible to earn money with sustainable projects?

Of course! But if you ask an investment advisor for sustainable investment options, he simply shrugs his shoulders. But the situation is serious: lives are being ruined, diseases are raging, nature is being destroyed and many people live in poverty. And this does not only exist on paper! I have created alternatives – away from investment funds where only the net return counts, towards a lasting legacy with a return. Now is the time for courageous and committed women to stand up, to take part and to network.

Are great misfortunes and life crises a hindrance to further development?

Quite the opposite. Especially women who have lost a partner, a child or a parent in a tragic way - be it from an accident, sickness or divorce – are standing at the cross-roads of a new beginning following their loss. They are wealthy and are asking questions about a deeper meaning. They understand the necessity to stand up for their values and beliefs and are asking for new information and new decisions. I help these women to find their own new visons and to achieve them.

What financial risks are the women who put their trust in you taking?

My clients can decide for themselves what they want to accomplish with their funds. Therefore, increasing their assets can be just as important as achieving the aims of the projects. There is always an investment risk, as in conventional investment portfolios. With me, however, my clients are always in charge and involved in the chosen projects and investments. The mere thought of investing the money reasonably, considerately and at the same time courageously, determinedly and consistently for your own benefit and for the benefit of others as well as that of nature feels great!

The financial industry is still a man’s world - a hard-nosed business environment. Where do you get your motivation from?

In the same way as my vision inspires me, my work forms the wind under the wings of my female clients. The satisfaction my work with my clients brings is what intrinsically motivates me! It is my passion to help women with enthusiasm and joy to flourish and to overcome former barriers.

You help women to create a legacy – beyond their lifetimes. What does that mean?

My clients find a new fulfilment, a deeper meaning in their lives and live a vision they probably couldn’t have imagined before. This way, my clients leave behind a mark on this earth beyond their lifetimes. I’m thinking of great women like Lady Diana, who made a courageous effort in prohibiting landmines despite facing significant opposition.

What is your legacy?

I’m initiating long-due value changes in investment business for women. The women’s network I have created is a pool of wealthy, strong, courageous women with a vision and joy of life. This provides them with opportunities to inspire one another, learn from each other and to make even bigger achievements than any of them could have achieved on their own. The network of like-minded women allows new horizons and possibilities to open up. Women become inspired by other women’s visions, share knowledge and transform their environment. They create a transformational movement socially and economically.

Will the following generations still talk about you?

They will definitely talk about my clients!

Sybille L. Hochdörffer

Sybille L. Hochdörffer

Director „Create a Legacy“


To lead women to personal and financial success


  • 25 years’ experience in fiduciary services (tax law, asset management, inheritance matters, establishing start-up companies)
  • Wide-spread international network
  • International team of specialists

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Will the following generations still talk about you?

They will most definitely talk about my clients!
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